WELCOME to the Shipdex Newsletter Special Edition 2023, celebrating 15 years of innovation, collaboration, and progress in the maritime industry! As we mark this significant milestone, we invite you to explore the rich history, achievements, and future aspirations of Shipdex.

In this Special Edition, you will discover the origins and evolution of Shipdex, from its beginning to becoming a pivotal force in shaping the maritime digitalization landscape. You will also gain insights into the present mission, structure, and values that propel Shipdex forward among today’s challenges. Looking ahead, you’ll find our vision for the future and the Shipdex Manifesto.

We acknowledge the contributions of our dedicated members, sponsors, and partners, we extend our gratitude for their support. Through a timeline of milestones, captivating visuals and messages, we share the journey that has brought Shipdex to this remarkable milestone.

This Special Edition is not a testament to our past but mainly a compass guiding us towards a future of digitalization, sustainability, and safety in the maritime sector. Join us in celebrating Shipdex 15th Anniversary—a story of innovation and a commitment towards and for a smarter and greener maritime industry.

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