The powerful Shipdex Viewer is now available – free of charge – for Shipdex registered members into the Registered Member Area.
The Shipdex Viewer provides information retrieval and advanced navigation  capabilities through Shipdex datasets. Printing features in pdf format are also available.
Instruction to download and use the Shipdex Viewer:
Access the Registered Member Area with your own credentials and open the Shipdex Viewer frame. 
Click on "Download Shipdex Viewer"       


Require the license activation key by clicking on "Require License Activation" button. You will receive the "Licence.iwk" file to be stored into the Shipdex Viewer main folder.


To run the Shipdex Viewer double click on  "StartMe.exe".

Use the subfolder "Series" to store your Shipdex datasets.
The subfolder "Series" already contains 2 demo datasets. 


Manufacturers are allowed to redistribute, under their own responsibility, the Shipdex Viewer together with the Shipdex datasets.


Any other unauthorized use is prohibited and will be prosecuted according to law.