On June 23rd 2009 at SpecTec Italy Office in La Spezia, the first Shipdex™ Trial was successfully performed with the participation of Shipdex™ Founder Members.

The purpose of the Trial was to evaluate the first datasets produced by MAN Diesel and MacGREGOR in accordance with Shipdex™ Protocol 1.1 and 1.0.2.

The Shipdex datasets have been successfully validated using AMOS Shipdex Data Manager.

Furthermore, the validated Shipdex™ datasets have been successfully imported into the Intership Navigation’s AMOS Business Suite database using AMOS Shipdex Interface.


Mr. Giancarlo Coletta of Grimaldi Group (Naples) says “this is the first important step in a new era for the shipping industry to manage maintenance and technical data and get rid of paper manuals”.


MAN Diesel and MacGREGOR as manufacturers are convinced that we are heading  in the right direction in producing and delivering electronic documentation.


SpecTec Group demonstrated that Shipdex datasets can automatically be imported into customers’ databases.


The First Shipdex Trial participants