The Shipdex maintenance group meeting (SPMG-25) and the Shipdex steering committee meeting (SPSC-25) were held on 17th and 18th April 2018 at Man Diesel-Diesel House in Copenhagen.

The most important topics discussed during the SPMG-25 were:
  • the new Learning information set to be developed to implement SCORM technology into the Shipdex protocol
  • work around the under development Shipdex-F (Feddback) specification
  • discussion and approval of important implementations to the Shipdex Viewer

The most important topics discussed during the SPSC-25 were:
  • meeting with delegates from DNVGL and RINA 
  • Shipdex principles deeply presented to DNVGL and RINA delegates
  • meeting with DFDS (ship-owner) representative who described the Danish Maritime Shipdex pilot project
  • approval of 2018 Shipdex budget to be covered by Shipdex executive members