The Shipdex Protocol Steering Committee (SPSC) successfully organized the first 2-day Shipdex technical seminar in Japan.
The Seminar was organized in cooperation with Yanmar Company Ltd and it was held at Yanmar head office in Tokyo (JP) on 22nd and 23rd may 2013.

The seminar was open to manufacturers, shipyards and ship-owners and it was focused to answer the pressing demand for more information about Shipdex coming from local manufacturers and shipyards requested to supply their customers with Shipdex datasets

Giancarlo Coletta, Purchase Director of Grimaldi Group and Captain Eugene Adami, Managing Director of Mastermind Shipmanagement, opened the seminar with the following presentations:

  • The reasons why Shipdex has been developed
  • Expectations from ship-owners

Marco Vatteroni, SpecTec partnership manager and Shipdex technical manager, trained the participants on the following topics:

  • Introduction to S1000D, the international specification Shipdex is based on
  • Introduction to Shipdex
  • How to become a Shipdex member
  • Demonstration of a Shipdex dataset
  • Shipdex Business Rules
  • How to build a Shipdex dataset: best practices
  • Live demonstrations

Yanmar showed their internal experience in developing their own Shipdex datasets.

The 2-day Seminar was closed by Mr. Giancarlo Coletta who thanked all delegates for their participation and their interest in Shipdex.

The Seminar gave one more evidence of the worldwide growing interest in Shipdex and it encouraged the SPSC to organize other seminars very soon.