The Shipdex™ Protocol Steering Committee (SPSC) is pleased to inform that within the end of October the Shipdex™ Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG) will be increased by two “Joint Members”.


The obligations and rights of SPMG members are:

  • Attend periodical (at present on a quarterly base) SPMG meetings that will be held, in rotation, at SPMG members premises
  • Attend periodical (at present on a quarterly base) SPSC meetings (1 day, after SPMG meeting) as Observer
  • Contribute to maintain and develop the Shipdex™ Protocol
  • Have voting power to approve/reject changes to the Shipdex™ Protocol


All Shipdex Registered Members (with the exception of subsidiaries) are kindly requested to go to the Registered Member Area (Poll Section) and vote for the preferred candidates.

The Election will close on 31st October 2009.