The new Shipdex Viewer 3.1 is available now on Shipdex website home page for a free download.

The most important features implemented in Shipdex Viewer 3.1 are:
  1. New tab that opens a new and very powerful way to retrieve, from the open Shipdex dataset, the maintenance tasks and the operational activity to be performed based on a given periodicity
  2. Possibility to select: Maintenance Tasks only, Operational activities only, both.   Possibility to select all or different periodicities
  3. Possibility to list the maintenance tasks and/or the operational activities retrieved on the basis of selected periodicities. Every Task/Operation can be showed in detail on the right frame of the Shipdex Viewer
  4. Possibility to export the selected tasks/Operations in Excel format.  Possibility to create a pdf manual (with automatic ToC, List of Illustrations and List of tables) exporting the Tasks/Operations retrieved
Below figure summarize the above listed new functions.