The Shipdex Viewer 2.0 is available now for download from the Shipdex Registered Member Area.

The new version is fully compliant with Shipdex 3.0 and also includes some new features like:
  • Maintenance task: Required Spare Parts, Support Equipment, Supplies. The refcsn is now converted into the Part Number identified into the related IPD data module (Catalogue)
  • Data Module Issue Number and Date is now showed directly on the header of the data module

Who can download and use the Shipdex Viewer:
  • every Shipdex registered member can download the Viewer from the Registered Memebr Area (follow the instructions showed on the download page)
  • every Shipdex manufacturer is allowed to provide their customers with the Shipdex Viewer together with the Shipdex dataset.
For any information request, please, contact the Shipdex technical manager at