The Shipdex Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG) announces that Shipdex 2.2 is now availabe.

The new Shipdex 2.2 includes some editorial changes (better explanations, clarifications, etc.) and incorporates the following Change Proposal Forms (CPFs):

  • CPF-2013-001 Shipdex 2.1 design review
  • CPF-2013-002 External Documents
  • CPF-2013-003 compliance with ANSI Z535
  • CPF-2013-004 Use of
  • CPF-2013-005 use of
  • CPF-2013-006 Introduction of a new MICC

Shipdex registered members can download, from the Registered Member Area, the following new documents:

  • Shipdex 2.2
  • Shipdex DML template 2.2