The Shipdex Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG) announces that Shipdex 2.1 is now available.

The new Shipdex 2.1 includes few minor technical changes and, most important, the production and use of Service Bulletin in Shipdex format.

The Shipdex Service Bulletin can be used to distribute:

  • (TYPE A) information to install/remove/replace physical components or to apply a special and/or temporary inspection and/or maintenance tasks to in-service components (parts of a Product)
  • (TYPE B) modifications to technical information already supplied in Shipdex™ format

Shipdex registered members can download, from the registered member area, the following new documents:

  • Shipdex 2.1
  • Shipdex DML template 2.1

and the updated Shipdex Standard Tables:

  • SST-IC-05
  • SST-LANG-05
  • SST-MI-16
  • SST-MIC-11
  • SST-SNS-07