Shipdex technical manager, Marco vatteroni, attended the S5000F steering committee meeting on behalf of Shipdex organization.

The meeting was held at Airbus DS in Ottobrunn (Germany).
The S5000F as part of ASD – AIA S-series specification is focused to standardize the exchange of in-service data feedback within the aero-space and defence market.
Shipdex has been invited to attend the S5000F SC meetings as a special observer and authorized to develop the new Shipdex-F (Feedback) specification as a S5000F customization for the shipping community.
The 3-day SC meeting was very interesting and it gave Shipdex technical manager a clear understanding of the S5000F scope and good information to start the development of Shipdex-F.
Other S5000F SC meetings are planned over the current year.