Rolls-Royce Marine announcement

Rolls-Royce Marine has successfully implemented Shipdex as the data standard for its S series Kamewa Waterjets and associated Control Systems.

The S series Kamewa Waterjets and associated Control Systems are produced in Kristinehamn, Sweden. They are the first Rolls-Royce Marine products to adopt the Shipdex standard. The Installation Manual and Operating and Maintenance Manual data is created according to the specification and an S1000D Common Source DataBase (CSDB) is used to manage and publish the data. The specification allows for a high degree of reusability of data even though the final published output is very customer specific.

At present the final published output is in pdf, but the adoption of Shipdex opens exciting possibilities for both Rolls-Royce Marine and its customers. In the future Rolls-Royce will have the ability to deliver an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) or complete a data exchange with its customer.

If the customer opts for a data exchange, they will be able to load the data into their own Publishing and/or Maintenance Management System.