SpecTec and Cyprus based Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd. (MSM) have taken on a pioneering and innovative project.

A direct interactive link has been created between MSM and MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT). MSM are using AMOS in connection with Shipdex data provided by MDT in order to bring the maintenance of their assets to a new level. The Engine Management Concept (EMC) Agreement signed between MSM and MDT is the foundation set for this project and essentially the ultimate goal is to optimise the conditions at which the engines will run and thus reduce maintenance and spare parts costs.

The combination of AMOS and the EMC is not only aimed to reduce down times and lower maintenance costs, but also to run the engines always at the best possible condition in order to reduce the fuel consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions.

The vessels participating in this project have been delivered from the shipyard with all documentation related to the main engines and turbo chargers in Shipdex format as this was a condition placed in the contract by MSM. SpecTec has supported MDT in the production and configuration of the Shipdex data and has merged the data into the existing MSM database.
MDT experts will be able to view the maintenance logs and history as well as spare parts consumption in the AMOS database in order to monitor and evaluate the operating parameters and running condition of the engines.

To accommodate this, SpecTec has created adequate access control for MDT users  into the MSM Office AMOS Database. The flow of data exchange is controlled in MSM office. Data are collected from the vessels in the central office database of MSM and sent from there to the AMOS installation at MDT premises. AMOS Replication rules will allow exchange of exclusively those records related to MAN B&W machineries.

Capt. E.H. Adami, Managing Director, Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd says:
“In Mastermind we want to run our engines at all times in the best possible operational range and condition. After a long study we are convinced that the maker is the best to judge what needs to be done on his equipment.

Having the full trust in MDT we decided to let them have all our maintenance and operational data. But the data is so complex that neither MDT nor Mastermind could ever succeed to develop a proper data exchange and management. SpecTec, AMOS and Shipdex came to rescue this project. I have to express my sincere thanks to SpecTec, AMOS, Shipdex and the EMC framework who made it possible to complete our most pioneering project.

Throughout the implementation process it was wonderful to see how professional so many different nationalities in all involved companies have spared no effort to make our project a success.

A big thank you the teams in SpecTec, Shipdex and at MDT again.”