Intership Navigation Co. Ltd has successfully entered into a contract with MAN Diesel & Turbo for delivery of technical documentation according to Shipdex specification for a number of vessels. MAN Diesel & Turbo will create hull specific Shipdex datasets for 6 sister vessels equipped with 6S40ME-B engines, and another 2 sister ships equipped with 6S70MC-6 engines.

Our intention is to use Shipdex data not only to populate our Computerised Planned Maintenance System, but also to initiate building of our electronic technical documentation database, and a repository of technical information (CSDB). We plan to use Spectec AMOS Shipdex Suite components to build and then view and search technical documentation in the form of IETP, both – in the office and on board of the vessels.

We are really excited and having big hopes as to the results of the project, especially that the initial preparation phase that we have conducted together with MAN Diesel & Turbo has shown again, that handling and availability of precise technical information/manuals is still something that shipping industry is struggling with a lot! We believe that wide acceptance of Shipdex as a quality and delivery tool could bring a very significant improvement in this respect.