The very first Shipdex dataset of Cargotec was delivered to their customer Grimaldi on 11 October in order for SpecTec, Grimaldi’s IT supplier, to first carry out a few tests and then upload it into Grimaldi’s CSDB (Common Source Data Base). When this is done, further discussions with Grimaldi will be carried out to list the ‘pros and cons’ to develop the Shipdex data even further.
“The delivery consisted of the existing operating and maintenance manual including spare parts catalogue converted into XML-language. The complete manual was divided into about 400 data modules, 230 illustrations and 35 external documents (drawings) where each of them was coded according to the schema the Shipdex protocol provides”, describes Katarina Munter, who has been involved in developing the Shipdex concept from the very beginning. She feels proud to announce that “the Cargotec RoRo Competence Centre of Marine Service in Gothenburg, Sweden is now Shipdex compliant and we will continue to convert several more manuals into Shipdex format for Grimaldi and we are also ready for any other ship-owner who will require Shipdex datasets”.
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