During the last 2015 Nor Shipping, Digital Ship made a long interview on Shipdex Protocol to Mr. Coletta (Grimaldi Group Purchase Director and Shipdex chairman) and to Mr. Soncini (SpecTec CEO).

Mr. Coletta explains the status of Shipdex and describes the very important Grimaldi new building projects in China. The contracts with Chinese shipyards contain the requirement that all the technical manuals must be supplied in Shipdex format. Grimaldi will use the Shipdex data to create their corporate Common Source Data Base (CSDB) to archive, manage and publish under configuration control all the technical information received from the yards.

The same Shipdex data will be used to automatically create the corporate AMOS (the Grimaldi CMMS) database.

Mr. Soncini explains why SpecTec was involved in the Shipdex initiative since its beginning in 2007 and confirms that Shipdex is open to all shipping operators, including manufacturers, shipyards, ship-owners, IT companies and engineering companies.

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