2023 marks the 15th anniversary of SHIPDEX protocol. SHIPDEX, a not-for-profit organization that has been leading the way in digitalization and life-cycle management of technical data in the shipping industry, was founded with the primary objective of introducing digitalization to the maritime technical data sector, including technical manuals and in-service data feedback.

Here below the very first reason SHIPDEX was developed: avoiding old style technical manuals.

The present Chairman of SHIPDEX and CEO of Mastermind Shipmanagement, Capt. Eugene Adami, highlights the importance of technical documentation, which is often overlooked in the digitalization of the maritime industry. However, standardization, integration, dissemination, and maintenance of manufacturers’ technical data are crucial to ensuring safety, security, and environmental performance, as well as innovation.

Over the years, SHIPDEX has consolidated its position as a pioneer in digitalization and optimization of on-board maintenance processes and in-service data feedback. The organization has remained committed to its VISION of improving and optimizing the digitalization and life-cycle management of technical data, with a focus on promoting a safer and greener shipping industry.

SHIPDEX driving force is its VISION: “We need to bring the shipping industry into the 21st century” says Capt. Adami. “I am so convinced of the SHIPDEX VISION that our next new buildings order will be developed under the SHIPDEX Protocol”.

It is time for the shipping industry to lead that change instead of delaying it. SHIPDEX has proven to be a valuable protocol in many aspects of the industry, and its adoption could trigger an unprecedented domino effect that could speed up the digitalization of the maritime industry as a whole. Capt. Adami calls upon ship-owners, ship managers, shipbuilders, manufacturers, classification societies, and IT companies to share the organization’s VISION and make it a worldwide reality.