Rasmus Gade Hansen, Head of Projects at SERTICA by RINA, confirms: “As a software company, we are met by many customers who have an ambition to use software to improve their business. We aim to supply software that covers the needs and requirements of the customer, and helps them improve. More and more customers realize that to get the most benefit from software solutions, they have to have high quality data. The combination of a good software product, and good data, highly increases the benefits that the customers gain from their solutions.

Often companies tend to focus on the software, and might forget the importance of having quality data. We see a standardized way of exchanging data, as a key driver for the distribution of quality data. If all suppliers/manufacturers make up their own formats, it will always require a lot of work for customers to integrate the data into their solutions”.

Rasmus Gade Hansen continues: “Shipdex offers this kind of standardization, and that is why we support it, and have enabled exchange of it directly into SERTICA. When building the Shipdex integration in our platform, we tried to make it as easy as possible for customers to import their datasets. This speeds up the implementation process of the platform, as there is no cumbersome manual work in manually trying to setup the equipment data. The Shipdex standard offers clear definitions and descriptions, and implementing the interface into SERTICA went according to plan. Today, a customer can receive a Shipdex dataset, and import it directly into Sertica, with no involvement from us. We see that as effective.”